Edward Neave



A game I made for It wasa survival sandbox building game. You gathered resources from the world and placed more world tiles down to increase building space and resource spawning. Had a full inventory system with containers and a crafting system. Survival mechanics including hunger, thirst and health. And randomly generating resources.

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Slime Evo

Slime Evo is a Metroidvania style open world game i'm still working on as a Lead Programmer for Jeffery "Falcon" Logue (Falcon Stories) There have been alot of skills gained from this project including cutscenes, water reflections, lighting system, bosses, Many many enemies amoung alot more features.

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The Corridor

This game is a rogue like dungeon crawler. Randomly generated dungeons using coded prefabs. Random loot system and lighting. Many spells and weapons to find and use.

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The Dead of Night

A zombie survival platformer made first for PC then ported to Android. Featured weapon upgrades, infinite waves and a building system. This was one of my first successful platformer games.

Stellar Combat

A block based starship building survival game. You built your own ship which changed it's statistics then battled against engless waves of enemy vessels. It had ship building, saving and loading in the game and you could import other player made ships to fight against.

My Image editing work

Here is some images I have edited using Paint.Net. I am happy to also do image editing commisions however you must provide all base/stock images.

This was an image of me, made the eyes completly black, changed the background, added a mask over the mouth and removed the nose. Then added some veins to the mouth and changed the image to black and white.

This is an image I edited for a DnD group on Facebook. Changed the background and added some effects.

This is a sky change image, Removed the old sky, added the new one then changed the lighting of the image to make the scene feel more realistic.

Eye colour change, took a little while to get the correct colour to a realistic blue especially coming from a brown.